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  • Surgent's Unlimited Webinar Package

    Surgent's Unlimited Webinar Package

    Surgent's 2019 Unlimited Webinar Package provides CPAs with unlimited 2019 access to more than 1200 live webinars in hundreds of topic areas. Surgent's schedule includes multiple live webinars every weekday, and popular webinars on many Saturdays. We offer webinars that start at a range of convenient times--including many evening options--to accommodate attendees from every time zone. With a Surgent Unlimited Webinar Package, you'll always be able to find a live webinar in the CPE topic you need. 

    As a DSCPA Member, you pay just $425 - 40% off Surgent's retail price!
    Non-Members Save Too! Pay only $599 - 15% off Surgent's retail price!

    Why Choose the Unlimited Webinar Package?

    • Get unlimited access to over 1200 webinars in 2019*
    • Includes 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 8-hour options in all the topics CPAs need
    • Choose from daily options at many convenient times, including evenings, lunchours, and Saturdays
    • You'll earn live CPE credit without exams (certificates delivered immediately after webinars via email)
    • All Surgent webinars feature high-quality audio and video, plus an easy-to-use attendance verification system (you'll just need to click the screen when prompted to verify that you're watching)

    Technical support and interactive Q&A are available throughout all webinars.

    Order a package now and you'll get instructions via email from You'll be able to start registering for live webinars courses right away.

    What’s included? Click here to view the current course list.

    * Note: this package does not include premium webinars and expires on December 31, 2019.

  • Surgent's Unlimited Self-Study Package

    Surgent's Unlimited Self-Study Package

    Surgent's Unlimited Self-Study Package includes every PDF download course in Surgent’s catalog – over 200 courses, each from 2-16 credits. As a member, you pay just $299 – 40% off Surgent’s retail price! Non-members save too - just $399.

    Why Choose the Unlimited Self-Study Package? 

    • Get 12 months of access to 200+ downloadable courses
    • You'll have 24/7 access, so you can earn CPE when it's convenient for you
    • Delivers instant test results and immediate CPE certificates via email
    • Serves as an incredibly valuable reference tool all year long

    Order now and you'll receive a serial number and instructions via email. You'll be able to start viewing courses right away--and have access for a full 12 months from the date of your purchase. You'll take tests online and receive CPE certificates immediately by email.

  • Surgent's Unlimited Plus Package

    Surgent’s Unlimited Plus Package

    Surgent's Unlimited Plus Package includes complete 12-month access for a single user to all of Surgent's self-study courses --including a growing library of on-demand self-study webcasts - as well as access to every Surgent live webinar, including all premium courses. With 1,200+ live webinars on the calendar this year alone, plus more than 250 self-study CPE courses available in the package, you'll always be able to find a live or self-study course in the topic and format you need. 

    Pricing: $595 for members - save 30% on Surgent’s retail price
               $749 for non-members 

     Why Choose the Unlimited Plus Package?

    • Get unlimited 12-month access to ALL live webinars PLUS unlimited access to all self-study courses (including downloadable PDFs and on-demand webcasts)
    • This package provides the best of both worlds: choose either interactive, instructor-led courses (with no exams) or self-paced, anytime-available learning for any topic you need!
    • This is the ONLY Surgent package that includes access to all on-demand webcasts
    • Surgent webinars and self-study courses are constantly updated so no matter what format you pick, you'll get the latest information you need for your professional practice

    Order a package now and you'll receive serial numbers and instructions via email. You'll be able to start registering for live webinars and accessing self-study courses right away. Earn as much CPE and explore as many topics as you'd like for one full year from the date of purchase. 

    What Is Included in the Package?

    Upcoming webinars

    Self-Study courses

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Surgent Self-Study Delaware Ethics

Register to take the self-study Delaware Ethics course here. This course is approved for Delaware Ethics credit by the Delaware Board of Accountancy.

Surgent Individual Live Webinars

In addition to purchasing webinar packages, Surgent offers live CPE webinars in tax, accounting, auditing, government/non-profit, technology, and more that can be purchased individually. Webinars range from 1-8 hours and are available at a variety of times to fit into your busy schedule, including evening and weekend courses.  Plus, no exams are required and each webinar features interactive Q&A.

Find individual webinars here.

Surgent In-House Training

Surgent brings training directly to your office, allowing you to select the course, discussion leader, location, date and time, and more.  Live in-house training is ideal for those looking to tailor CPE requirements to their specific needs.

For more details, please contact DSCPA at (302) 478-7442 or click here.

Individual Self-Study Courses

Choose from hundreds of courses that you can take on your own time and at your own pace, anywhere you want.  Simply pass an online exam with immediate results to earn your CPE credit.  Courses range from 2-20 credits and are available in three convenient formats: on-demand webcast, PDF download, and textbook.  Self-study is a convenient and cost-effective way to supplement your CPE requirements.