We offer several membership categories for anyone working in the accounting profession or studying to become a CPA.

Complete the appropriate application below and submit it with your first year’s dues. Dues are prorated semi-annually on the DSCPA fiscal year (May to April). All applications must be approved by the DSCPA Board of Directors; however, applicants are eligible to take advantage of DSCPA member discounts upon submission of their application and payment of dues. Please contact us if you are interested in any of our member benefits.

CPA members are those who hold a Delaware Permit to Practice OR hold a license in any state and live or work in Delaware.

CPA - Retired are those who are fully retired and no longer working.

CPA - Temporarily Inactive are those who are TEMPORARILY out of the workforce entirely. This does not include those who are working in another field.

CPA - Out-of-State are those who are duly licensed in another state but do not hold a Delaware CPA certificate or permit to practice.

Non Certified Staff is any employee of a CPA firm with offices located in the State of Delaware or any employee in industry whose immediate supervisor is a CPA member of the Society and who is not a certified public accountant.  

Student members are those who attend an accredited college or university or high school.

CPA Candidates are those who have completed their educational requirement for licensure and are currently in the process of sitting for the CPA exam as a Delaware candidate.

Dues Table

May thru October November thru April
CPA $300 $150
CPA - Retired $110 $55
CPA - Temporarily Inactive $110 $55
CPA - Out of State $200 $100
Non Certified Staff $190 $95
Student $0 $0
CPA Candidate $190 $95

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