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With 450+ CPE courses, CPExpress gives you unlimited access to more than 600 hours of courses on professional and technical topics, current issues, critical updates and more — available 24/7, for foundational to expert levels. And you’ll never miss a CPE reporting deadline.


With more than 250 online courses, AICPA On-Demand is an interactive learning environment for today’s busy professional. From updates on authoritative standards to award-winning certificate programs, AICPA On-Demand will meet your knowledge and CPE needs, with the flexibility of learning on your own time.

AICPA Webcasts offer a high-resolution, studio-quality experience and real-time interaction with experts, regulators, agency representatives and more. You’ll gain practical guidance and insights — and your organization or clients will benefit from the expertise they deserve and expect.

Professional Ethics: The AICPA’s Comprehensive Course

This course is required for anyone applying for initial licensure in Delaware.

This revised course teaches you and your staff the AICPA, SEC and GAO independence rules in an inventive and creative way. You will learn the most up-to-date AICPA, SEC and GAO rules, including those adopted under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

This course also explains the revised AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and conceptual framework, which all members of the AICPA must follow. It covers the basic tenets of ethical and professional conduct, covering the principles of ethics, and it explains why the code is necessary and how it is organized.

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OnPoint PCR combines AICPA methodology and guidance with CaseWare’s dynamic cloud platform, to optimize preparation, compilation, and review engagements. OnPoint PCR enables firms to enhance engagement quality and efficiency through:

  • Guided Engagements: The smart, interactive process eliminates unnecessary steps and facilitates compliance with accounting and professional standards
  • Integrated Data: Simplifies data management, makes client data import easy and reduces redundant data entry
  • Innovative Cloud Platform: Real-time updates to data and built-in collaboration tools that eliminate the need for external programs like less-secure email

The solution centralizes the many components of preparation, compilation and review work through a single platform:

  • Engagement management
  • Engagement methodology
  • AICPA guidance
  • PBC document management
  • Trial balance tools
  • Creation of reports and letters

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 Rivio and are bringing private company financial information exchange into the 21st century with their new financial clearinghouse solution, RIVIO. The platform validates CPA Firms, and ensures that unaltered financial documents are delivered to key financial stakeholders (CPA Firms, Lenders/Investors, and Private Businesses).

For years in the United States, only public companies had access to a dedicated financial statement clearinghouse that supported authenticated document exchange among key stakeholders, such as lenders and investors. Private companies relied on more basic alternatives, such as email, courier services, online portals and document sharing applications to distribute their financial documents.

Though these approaches were functional and practical, they incited little confidence among stakeholders in terms of data validity and reliability. Additionally, due to the proliferation of the cloud, and the rate at which the audit profession is changing, this is no longer a viable approach. The market has been missing a solution which provides the source of origin for financial statements. With RIVIO, those needs have been met.

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