New CPA Skills Survey

Posted on October 26, 2018

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My name is Andy Hasty. I am a practicing accountant based in Wilmington, Delaware and a doctoral student at Wilmington University. One of the requirements to earning my doctorate degree is to publish a dissertation, or research study, with practical application in my field. My research focuses on accounting education in the United States and how well it prepares students for their careers in accounting. Many studies suggest a growing skills gap in the accounting industry.  That is, entry-level accountants do not have the competencies required to perform the tasks required of them by employers.  Many university accounting programs are designed to satisfy the regulatory requirements to obtain licensure and certifications, but not necessarily the skills required by employers. Traditionally, accountants learn many of the specific competencies required through on-the-job training and as matters of exposure and experience. Several previous studies focus on students' and/or educators' perceptions, but there has been very little research done on the perceptions from practicing accountants in the United States. More specifically, I believe the needs of the industry may vary slightly by region in the country. This study specifically seeks the opinions of practicing accountants in the Mid-Atlantic region. I have partnered with several state CPA associations, including the DSCPA, and other local chapters of national accounting organizations. My hope is that the results of this study will facilitate discussions with universities in the region to better align their curricula with the needs of the region. Please take a few minutes to share your opinion and help influence the future of accountants in our region.

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