An Important Message from the DSCPA Board of Directors

Posted on June 8, 2020

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2020 is not the year we thought it would be. It has laid bare the vulnerabilities in our world, our society and our community. Going back to normal is not an option, for normal is what brought us to where we are. Finding comfort in the familiar is a natural response, but it is not the way to move forward.

We are at a pivotal time that few in history have had the ability to address, and we must not squander the opportunity. Racial injustice has permeated in subtle and overt ways.  We are shocked when we see it overtly, and many of us speak out. But it is the subtle and unseen that are the most dangerous.

We must accept that this country has not offered all of us equal opportunities. The solutions will not come easily or quickly, but for now, we stand with the peaceful protestors who seek to make this a better country.

As the leadership of the DSCPA, we are committed to paving a new path forward, to having difficult and uncomfortable conversations and to bringing a strong message of anti-racism to CPAs and the business community. We ask you to join us in creating new opportunities for tolerance, understanding and action.

It is our responsibility as leaders. 

DSCPA Board of Directors

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