Weekly Expert Hour (Original Air Date: 12/17/20)

  • Wednesday, May 1, 2024 – Wednesday, April 30, 2025

  • 1.00

As financial and tax professionals well know, information overload is a constant struggle we face because things change quickly, and the sheer number of changes being made on a daily basis is enormous. Of great importance to small and medium tax and advisory firms is differentiating between changes that are relevant to our practice and our clients and changes that are new but totally irrelevant. Distinguishing between the two is difficult and time-consuming. Mike Tucker and a team of experts are pleased to announce a new weekly series designed to eliminate the clutter and get you what you need to stay up to date and perform for your clients.

We are all aware that the IRS, along with other state and federal regulators, is issuing guidance with increased frequency due to the coronavirus pandemic tax changes. New rules need to be analyzed, dissected, and explained more quickly than in days gone by so that our clients are kept informed of opportunities that may not last long. This weekly series will provide relevant and important tax and financial changes in a quick, concise format.

Each week, Mike and his co-presenters will dispense news on current events impacting taxes, finance, and industry. The subject matter will differ each week and intermittently include topics such as Social Security and Medicare. The panelists will discuss personal and corporate tax matters as well as other late-breaking news related to practitioners' personal finances and those of their clients.

Every financial professional will benefit from this series.

Please Note: CFP credit is not available for this course in 2021.


  • Be well informed on current topics impacting taxes, finance, and industry


  • Casualty and theft losses
  • Federally declared disaster areas for 2020
  • Cost segregation in 2020
  • Taxation of virtual currency (as of 12/17/20)

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