Organizational Culture and the Finance Professional

  • Wednesday, May 1, 2024 – Wednesday, April 30, 2025

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    Business Management and Organization

Many experts say that an organization's culture is the single most important thing that will determine its success. Assuming that's true, it's necessary for the finance professional to understand the effect that the finance function has on that culture. This program will take a good look at what causes a better culture, both within the organization and within the department. Then, we will examine how the finance professional can positively influence the culture within the financial function and how that will affect the entire organization.


  • Understand why an organization’s culture is so important to success
  • Recognize why following principles is more important than following rules
  • See how controls can be both “tight” and also serve a good culture
  • Understand the tradeoff between flexibility and objectivity
  • Know the best ways to control an organization
  • Recognize how good metrics are important to a good culture


  • The three primary organizational cultures
  • The best cultural fit for certain types of businesses
  • How the finance professional affects culture
  • How to choose the culture you want, and how to get it
  • Greatest things that affect the culture of an organization

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1.00 Business Management and Organization



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