Microsoftr Wordr 365 and Wordr 2019: Getting Started

  • Wednesday, May 1, 2024 – Wednesday, April 30, 2025

  • 6.00
    Computer Software and Applications

This course is a three-lesson basic level course that guides you through opening, creating, formatting, previewing, printing, and saving text documents.


  • Create, save, and print Word documents
  • Edit document headers and footers
  • Edit and format document contents


  • Identify ways to start Word; create a new Word document; add and remove text,
  • Identify ways to save, close, and reopen a document,
  • Select methods to work with multiple documents, change the document view and use different methods to navigate a document,
  • Recognize how to preview and print a document,
  • Select and modify Word options; get help in Word,
  • Identify ways to select text,
  • Recognize ways to format text characters,
  • Select cut, copy, and paste techniques,
  • Identify ways to find and replace text and formatting,
  • Select the proofing tools,
  • Identify how to change page orientation and margins,
  • Select line spacing, paragraph alignment, and paragraph indentation options,
  • Recognize ways to create bulleted and numbered lists,
  • Select ways to insert page numbers, headers and footers, and manual page breaks
  • Identify how to apply styles and how to change the document theme and style set

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Designed For

New Word users or experienced users switching from an earlier version



Advanced Preparation



6.00 Computer Software and Applications


There are no word processing prerequisites for this course; however, some experience working with software in a Windows operating system environment is a plus.

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