Contract Law for Accounting and Finance Professionals

  • Wednesday, May 1, 2024 – Wednesday, April 30, 2025

  • 2.00
    Business Law

Accounting and finance professionals routinely encounter a broad range of legal issues while advising clients or performing routine job functions. Contract law tops the list as the most frequent issue that intersects with the accounting and finance professions. As trusted advisors, it is wise to understand the fundamentals of contract law for both personal and professional benefit. This course provides a broad overview of contract law basics geared specifically toward the accounting and finance professions. From contract formation to enforceability, this course offers an interesting look at how contract law intersects with accounting and finance. Participants should walk away with a better understanding of common issues that arise when reviewing contracts.


  • Recognize the elements required to create a valid contract
  • Understand common techniques to enforce a contract
  • Be well versed in the rules of contract interpretation
  • Understand defenses used to prevent contract enforcement
  • Explain remedies that are available to a party enforcing a contract


  • Contract formation
  • The necessary components of an enforceable contract
  • Common defenses to enforcement
  • Legal capacity requirements
  • Contract interpretation

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Anyone in the accounting or financial service professions who seeks to gain a better understanding of contract law and how it intersects with their profession



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2.00 Business Law



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