Time Management for Professionals

  • Monday, May 1, 2023 – Tuesday, April 30, 2024

  • 2.00
    Personal Development

The phrase "time management" is misleading. No one manages time. Instead, we manage events in our lives which consume time. Like money, time is both finite and valuable; it should be budgeted and used wisely. Those individuals who "manage" or budget their time wisely often are more productive, less stressed, and able to achieve their goals more effectively than others.

Professionals by nature place a high value on their time. Still, successful time management strategies vary based upon the personality, motivation, and discipline of each individual. This course provides simple, practical, and powerful techniques that help professionals work efficiently and achieve better balance in their lives. Successful time management skills also reduce the risk of burnout, which in turn improves the likelihood of achieving success in any endeavor.


  • Recognize how you use your time most effectively
  • Understand your priorities when budgeting time
  • Understand ways to schedule your time appropriately
  • Manage external events that consume time
  • Use strategies and tools to assist in properly managing time
  • Be familiar with strategies for resolving time management problems


  • Managing interruptions
  • The role of activity logs, to-do lists and a priority matrix
  • The psychology of time management
  • Staying on track of your time management plan
  • Controlling procrastination
  • Blocking out time
  • Creating an effective time management plan

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Anyone in the accounting or financial service professions who seeks to gain a better understanding of strategies to improve time management



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2.00 Personal Development


General familiarity with accounting and business principles

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