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Online Interactive Courses

Whenever, wherever and on whatever device you want

Online Interactive Courses are competency-based learning in a bite-sized, game-like environment. These are not webinars. Competency-based learning is an educational format that allows students flexibility to learn where and when they want to and to demonstrate master of content vs. simply counting hours. You have 90 days from the time of registration to complete the course. Current Course List: Collaboration & Networking, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. 


This is not a webinar

  • You're not just staring at someone going through a PowerPoint.
  • The learning modules are interactive and on-demand.
  • You get to hear real stories from real CPAs.
  • Read what other CPAs have to say about the learning materials.
  • Share your own two cents through built-in participant discussions.


This is better

  • Learn at your own pace - work more quickly through what you know, slow down through what you don't.
  • Build a diversity of thought and perspectives that might not otherwise be available at your current firm.
  • Earn a digital badge to add to your professional online profile or portfolio.


Display your skills, however you learn them

  • A digital badge is a assessment and credentialing symbol that is housed and managed online.
  • Badges are designed to validate learning and hold the potential to transform where and how learning is valued.
  • They help demonstrate skills learned either online or in person.
  • The CPA Center of Excellence Online Interactive Courses integrate with the Mozilla Backpack.


Badge CollaborationCOLLABORATION & NETWORKING – $129
Learn the characteristics of a "master networker," how to evaluate your current network and its utility, techniques that can be used to improve your own collaboration and networking processes, how to overcome social barriers, and the implications for dealing with clients.

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Badge CommunicationCOMMUNICATION SKILLS – Price $129 

At the end of this course you should be equipped with relevant models/frameworks to improve your communication skills, understand the role of empathy in crafting good messages, and realize the importance of non-verbal communication.

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Badge Critical ThinkingCRITICAL THINKING SKILLS – Price $129
Gain access to practical tools that will improve results and impact in your workplace, participate in exercises that will prompt reflection upon your current abilities and opportunities to further your professional development, demonstrate the use of critical thinking tools such as the Simplex model and the Six Hats approach.

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Badge DecisionDECISION MAKING – Price $129
At the end of this course you should be able to explain what decision-making skills are, be equipped with relevant models/frameworks to improve your decision-making skills, be aware of good decision-making skills in the modern workplace, discern in which domain the decision exists, and know the importance of understanding your decision-making style.

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Badge EntrepeneurshipENTREPRENEURSHIP – Price $129
Find out why entrepreneurship is important, the characteristics of an entrepreneur, frameworks that can be used to improve your understanding of the startup process, models for developing ideas, evolving an idea into a business proposition, and how these tools translate into the workplace.

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Quickstart GuideA Quick Start Guide to Defining and Mastering Vital Skills for Success

This handbook contains frameworks, charts and graphics in a step-by-step approach for both individuals and CPA firm human resource managers to progress through and master the core competencies (critical non-technical success skills). Checklists, charts and guidelines to develop yourself or your staff.

Beyond a typical business book

The content is geared specifically toward CPA firms, regardless of size or location. If you're in an HR role, it can help you evaluate your current processes and strategies. If you're in a supervisory role, it can help you work with your staff on their professional development. If you're an individual, it can help you take ownership of your career path.

David Griffiths, Ph.D.

INCPAS knowledge management and complexity advisor David Griffiths, Ph.D., is a popular international speaker, advisor and founder of K3-Cubed, Ltd. (K3). He is based in the United Kingdom and holds a Ph.D. in knowledge management and an MS in the management of training and development. Griffiths has been widely published in professional journals, with his practice-focused work on Knowledge Management models. He has been working with INCPAS since 2011.

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Insight Toolkit

What is the Insight Toolkit?

Insight is an intuitive assessment tool of the CPA core competencies that can be used by individuals, firms, organizations or students for personnel evaluations, personal career development, client engagement reviews and project evaluations.

Create a 360° assessment by first rating yourself then inviting others to do the same, in order to get a true portrait of your competency level:

  • Start a learning and professional development journal to improve your competencies.
  • Receive learning recommendations for the specific competencies you need work on.
  • Utilize a mentoring aspect to further your growth.
  • Continue the cycle — such as by project or by year — to ensure you are building on your strengths and improving on your weaknesses.

This is for individuals to rate themselves and be rated on their core competencies. From new staff members to senior staff or partners – anyone can track their assessments, accomplishments and improvements at any point in (and throughout) their career. Insight works great for firms, finance and accounting departments and larger organizations. Contact for group packages.

This tool was developed specifically for CPAs using the CPA core competencies and their descriptors as a guide. The descriptors — which attribute measurable behaviors to the core competencies such as leadership, critical thinking and communication — are only available through the CPA Center of Excellence®.

Also known as “multi-rater feedback,” these anonymous rankings on set skills from supervisors, employees, colleagues, peers and clients can help you identify what soft skills you can work on to advance your career. This is the gold standard for HR assessments and helps you identify blind spots or skill weaknesses that could be limiting you as a professional or firm.

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