IA Module 8 -- The Internal Audit (IA) Activity Quality/Excellence Continuum!

  • Monday, May 1, 2023 – Tuesday, April 30, 2024

  • 4.00

A commitment to excellence requires dedication toward self-improvement in whatever endeavor we choose, including being Internal Audit (IA) professionals. Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once said: "The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their field of endeavor." And Aristotle, speaking some 2,500 years earlier, has been paraphrased as follows: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit."

The consistent and ever-growing integration of quality and excellence in performance for IA activities is what this program is all about. From developing a sound understanding and application of IA standards regarding Quality Assurance and Improvement Programs (QAIPs) to moving far beyond compliance to highest-level quality and impact IA functioning, this capstone course provides a vital roadmap to assist IA activity practitioners in their ongoing quests to tap more fully into and unleash their unlimited potential in better serving and adding value to all organizational stakeholders!


  • Gain clarity regarding “Quality” and “Excellence” expectations for IA activities
  • Develop a sound knowledge foundation of IA Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP) Standards
  • Explore practical application strategies for adopting and implementing highly effective internal and external quality assessment programs
  • Define ALL IA Organizational Stakeholders and emphasize Internal Auditors’ ever-increasing stakeholder value-adding roles and services
  • Identify ongoing advanced skills and strategic leadership development/training program opportunities for Internal Auditors
  • Introduce and integrate critical IA “Success Quadrant” utilization principles supporting ongoing IA quality initiatives and excellence in servicing


  • Defining “Quality” and “Excellence” for an IA activity: your “Defining Moments”!
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP): an overview
  • QAIP Standards review
  • Requirements of the QAIP: Internal/External Assessments
  • Moving beyond standards compliance to highest-level quality and impact internal auditing
  • It’s all about stakeholders and maximizing stakeholder value
  • Advanced skills/leadership development for Internal Auditors
  • The IA “Success Quadrant” and Never-Ending Quality/Excellence Continuum 

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Internal audit (IA) professionals at all levels, including consultants providing IA outsourcing, co-sourcing and/or related services and external auditors providing IA services and/or who coordinate coverage with and place reliance on the work of Internal



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