Corporate Bankruptcy Basics: Understanding the Reorganization and Liquidation Process

  • Monday, May 1, 2023 – Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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Corporate bankruptcies are complex proceedings involving multiple parties. Businesses file for bankruptcy to seek protection from creditors and to reorganize or liquidate debts. There are several reasons companies file for bankruptcy; however, the most common include excessive debt, a drop in demand, increased costs, lawsuits, and poor accounting practices. As trusted advisors, accounting and financial professionals should have a basic understanding of the bankruptcy process. This course provides an overview of corporate bankruptcy proceedings. Participants in this webinar will gain an understanding of how corporate bankruptcy proceedings begin and end, as well as learn about key issues that affect debtor and creditor rights during bankruptcy.

This webinar provides information from the perspective of both debtor and creditor. Although bankruptcy concerns the debts of the debtor, the Bankruptcy Code provides substantial protections to creditors. Creditor rights, however, vary widely depending on the status afforded the creditor under the Bankruptcy Code. Do yourself, your clients, and your profit margin a favor, and sign up for this invaluable webinar.


  • Understand the difference between Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy proceedings
  • Advise clients regarding the proof of claim process
  • Identify issues important to corporate creditors during the bankruptcy process
  • Understand the role of the automatic stay injunction


  • Commencement of a corporate bankruptcy proceeding
  • Protections provided to Chapter 11 and 7 debtors under the Bankruptcy Code
  • Key procedural aspects of bankruptcy
  • The automatic stay
  • Differences between Chapters 7 and 11 bankruptcy cases
  • How a debtor liquidates under Chapter 7
  • Proofs of claim
  • Chapter 11 plans of reorganization
  • Litigation that can arise during bankruptcy
  • Creditor committees
  • Bankruptcy trustees
  • Avoidable preferences and fraudulent transfers
  • Special rights afforded to landlords and secured creditors

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