The Accounting Leaders' Survival Guide - Strategies for Managing Organizational Change

  • Tuesday, March 19, 2024

    1:00pm – 3:00pm
  • 2.00
    Business Management and Organization, Personal Development

Our country and our accounting methods have undergone huge changes in the previous few years, most of it challenging. Individuals and entire businesses have been left reeling by new tax regulations, doing more with less, and employment restructuring. Organizations must adjust quickly; notwithstanding how painful these changes have been. This course instructs accounting managers on how to deal with change and stress in the workplace. Before it affects them in a negative way, the accounting professional will learn how to best manage the changing work environment and the stress that comes with it. "The first wealth is health," remarked Ralph Waldo Emerson, but for many of us, stressful jobs are putting our health at jeopardy.


  • Identify the types of organizational change 
  • Assess yourself to better understand your approach to change
  • Identify emotional and transitional stages of change 
  • Identify individual change styles 
  • Describe how to employ techniques for keeping morale high
  • Identify how change and chaos can cause stress and a lack of productivity
  • Apply techniques for reducing stress


  • Learn the power of flexibility and adaptability
  • Manage daily changes and stressors
  • Avoid burnout and achieve work-life balance

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