Microsoftr Excelr 2016: Working with Formulas and Functions Download

  • Tuesday, April 5, 2022 – Sunday, April 30, 2023

  • 4.00
    Computer Software and Applications

This course guides you through creating, copying and pasting, reviewing, and correcting basic and complex formulas in Excel 2016 using step-by-step hands-on activities.


  • Describe formula and function syntax and create basic formulas
  • Copy/paste and fill formulas
  • Enter formulas on grouped worksheets
  • Use multiple methods to build formulas
  • Apply conditional formatting to formulas’ results
  • Find and correct formula errors using a variety of tools, such as the Error Checking feature and Trace Error icon, the Formula Auditing tools, and the Watch Window


  • Identify basic formula and function syntax
  • Recognize formulas pasted with relative references
  • Select status bar options and Sum (AutoSum) for quick calculations
  • Recognize formulas pasted with mixed or absolute references
  • Identify formula results pasted as values
  • Select worksheets for grouping and entering formulas
  • Select Formula AutoComplete to create formulas with 3-D references
  • Select buttons from the Function Library to insert functions in formulas
  • Select defined names as function arguments
  • Select conditional formatting to formulas’ results
  • Recognize the Error Checking feature and the Trace Error icon; identify and correct common errors
  • Select the Formula Auditing tools to trace a formula’s precedent and dependent cells
  • Identify and resolve a circular reference
  • Select color-coded cell borders to correct a cell reference error in a formula
  • Identify how to step through a nested formula
  • Identify how to use the Watch Window and other tools to analyze, protect, and hide formulas

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Users experienced with using Excel 2016 in the Windows 8 or 10 operating system environment, or experienced Excel users switching from earlier versions of Excel.



Advanced Preparation



4.00 Computer Software and Applications


"Microsoft r Excel r 2016: Getting Started" or equivalent experience working with Excel 2016 in the Windows operating system environment

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