Accounting Chaotics: Managing Organizational Change and Stress in a Turbulent Work Environment

  • Tuesday, January 18, 2022

    1:00pm – 3:00pm
  • 2.00
    Business Management and Organization, Personal Development

The last few years have brought enormous changes to our country and to our accounting practices - much of it very difficult. New tax regulations, doing more with less, and job restructuring have left individuals and entire organizations reeling. As painful as these changes have been, organizations need to rapidly adapt.

Accounting Chaotics: Managing Organizational Change and Stress in a Turbulent Work Environment teaches accounting managers how to deal with change and stress. The accounting professional will learn how to best manage the changing work environment and the accompanying stress before it manages them in a negative way.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that "The first wealth is health," but stressful careers are causing many of us to put our health at risk. This course will teach the accounting professional how the body and brain react to stress so that burnout can be avoided, and work-life balance can be achieved. You will learn how your leadership style impacts your ability to manage stress. You will also learn coping strategies to help with the chaos of the new accounting culture.


  • Identify how change and chaos can cause stress and a lack of productivity in an organization
  • Identify those people most likely to resist change
  • Identify how to incorporate accounting strategies to reduce resistance to change and the accompanying stress
  • Describe how to employ techniques for keeping morale high in the midst of change
  • Cite accounting team-building approaches that enhance productivity
  • Identify how to make wise decisions on when and how to make organizational changes
  • Develop sound plans that employ an appropriate rate of change
  • Apply techniques for reducing stress that come from the new accounting chaos culture


  • Learn the power of flexibility and adaptability
  • Manage daily changes and stressors
  • Avoid burnout and achieve work-life balance

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