State and Federal Ethics Considerations Webcast | 4203138D

  • Monday, October 19, 2020

    11:30am – 3:00pm
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    Regulatory Ethics (not DE Ethics)

Discover recent developments in tax return preparation and representation. Learn the rules of professional conduct set forth by the AICPA and the ABA.
Review rules and regulations that govern tax practice for both federal and state purposes. Examine the rules of practice before the IRS (Treasury Dept. Circular 230). Explore current developments related to applicable tax practice penalties.
Consider how ethical principles, such as conflicts of interest, apply to partnerships and other flow-through entities. Determine how various states regulate tax practice, including a discussion on malpractice. Tackle real-world scenarios affecting your practice.


Identify the various federal and state rules that govern tax return preparation and representation.
Determine rules governing return preparer registration at both state and federal level.
Recognize the expanded tax reporting rules at both the federal and state levels.
Identify which documents must be presented to the state tax authorities.
Determine state privileges (attorney/client privilege, tax preparer/client privilege and work product doctrine).
Identify recent developments regarding confidentiality and conflicts of interest.
Discussion of the due diligence requirements imposed on practitioners. .


Federal and state standards of tax practice
Return preparer registration (state and federal)
State and federal penalties that apply to tax practice
Conflicts of interests related to flow through entities
Ethics issues related to operating a virtual tax practice
Application of taxpayer privileges in tax practice

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Attorneys, CPAs, EAs and tax return preparers.



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4.00 Regulatory Ethics (not Delaware Ethics)



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