Employment Taxes for Human Resource Professionals - What Lurks Beneath?

So many dollars travel through payrolls. Any glitch in a company's approach to employment taxes (and related obligations) can lead to unspeakable devastation for both the company and responsible individuals. Often, little, if any, thought, goes into structure, implementation and documentation of payroll tax approaches. It is as if no one is driving the boat. Someone needs to be watching out. At times, that person is the non-tax professional. This course identifies potential and actual life threatening payroll tax disasters (and savings opportunities) and enlightens as to what to do next.

**Please Note: If you need credit reported to the IRS for this IRS approved program, please download the IRS CE request form on the Course Materials Tab and submit to leighanne.conroy@acpen.com.


  • Learn to identify potential employment tax and related devastations and how to head them off at the pass
  • Learn to identify how to responsibly reduce employment tax and related costs where possible
  • Develop a sixth sense about proper structure of employment or contract labor relationship
  • Learn how to keep your own (and your colleagues) fanny(ies) out of the employment tax sling


  • Employment tax storms that threaten a company and its people
  • Employee wage withholding – Where it all can lead
  • Outside payroll providers – The good, bad, ugly and brutal
  • Employee expense reimbursements and employment tax – Keep the train on the track – A whole lot more to it than you think
  • Avoiding personal liability for company’s failure to collect, account for and pay over employment taxes – Keep the wolf from your door
  • Social security (FICA) taxes and all of the others (more than meet the eye)
  • Interactions with IRS – Most definite dos and don’ts
  • Data exposure, data loss and tax fraud – Make sure to do this
  • Eligibility for Employment, Immigration and Form I-9
  • Backup Withholding and Form W-9 – Why (and how) no one can ignore it
  • Change of Responsible Person (Form 8822-B) – Ignore it? Absolutely no way
  • How Workers’ Comp insurance should get your attention in a huge way
  • Money vs. Freedom
  • Fringe benefits and employment taxes tied at the hip
  • Contractor or employee – When it walks the walk (and when to run away)

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Human Resource professionals, controllers, non-tax accountants, owners and any other interested persons desiring to identify potential employment tax and related devastations and how to head them off at the pass



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