2019 Loss Limitation School - 461(l) Excess Business Losses, NOLs, 163(j), Basis, At-Risk and Passive Activity Losses

Do you desire to not be tripped up and held back by the plethora of loss limitation rules that threaten deductibility of business losses? The new menacing §461(l) excess loss rules are poorly drafted and have no meaningful interpretation. The NOL rules have been turned by TCJA upside down on their ear. §163(j) has been added to trip up business interest expense.


How do these new loss limitation rules interact with the age old basis, at-risk and passive activity loss rules? This course lays it all down for you and gets you through the woods as unscathed as possible.


**Please Note:  If you need credit reported to the IRS for this IRS approved program, please download the IRS CE request form on the Course Materials Tab and submit to leighanne.conroy@acpen.com.


  • To gain a working knowledge of the intricate and interrelated loss limitation rules affecting businesses and rentals



  • TCJA’s all-new §461(l) excess business loss (EBL) rules
  • TCJA’s heavily revised NOL rules
  • §163(j)’s assault on business interest expense
  • At-risk, basis limitation and NOL limitation structure and interplay
  • Which hurdle do you jump over first?  Basis, §163(j), At-risk, PAL, §461(l) Excess business loss, NOL?  Which second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth?
  • How do those same hurdles play out in computing the §199A QBID computation? 
  • How will software vendors respond to recent layers?  a/k/a Overrides
  • The age old intricate structure, all that's new and how and why you can't ignore either

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