Trust: Creating A Favorable Leadership Culture

  • Tuesday, May 26, 2020

    12:00pm – 1:42pm
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    Business Management and Organization

"I Trust You" or "I Don't Trust You"!  Hearing one of these will either make your day or it will ruin your day.  This is because trust speaks to who we are at the core.  In this course, Mario Flores explores the definitions of trust and character ( a close cousin to trust) in terms of the effects of trust that appear in a variety of "waves" from "self to societal".  Mario explores Smart Trust and you will gain a deeper understanding of your character and trustworthiness. He will explore what a toxic culture looks like and an "antibiotic" for helping eliminate or minimize the toxicity in your environment.


*How pervasive having trust or not having trust can be

*More about your individual character (a close cousin to trust)

*How trusting are you of others

*How trustworthy are you

*A framework for understanding trust to help you "put your finger on what it is that you trust or don't trust in someone or something"

*How much to trust that doesn't compromise you

*How to deal with a toxic culture


* Definition of Trust and Character including a Character Quiz

* Effects and Waves of Trust

* The Propensity to Trust

* The Trust Framework including a Trust Matrix

* An Antibiotic for a Toxic Culture

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