The Practice of Listening & the Art of Responding - Improving Communication Skills

  • Tuesday, May 26, 2020

    2:00pm – 3:59pm
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    Communications and Marketing, Personal Development

Successful humans excel in the ability to understand the people and situations they deal with every day. Enhanced communication skills aids in solving problematic circumstances that can occur with co-workers, management and/or clients.  How well one listens, is critical to human relations in the workplace. The art of response is the responsibility (RESPONSE ABILITY) of the listener. The “Art” comes in one’s ability to respond appropriately and discover the triggers that sabotage the age-old adage “think before you speak.” Specific skills to enhance personal reactions can deepen the level of communication between individuals. These skills are simple but not easy to instill into daily life. For example, “What’s so great about having the last word?”

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then this enhanced communication program is for you.

Do you think enhanced communication would assist in problem solving? 

Would there be a difference in productivity if you had more clarity in your organization? 

Would loyalty grow and turnover diminish if your workforce felt they were heard? 


*We'll identify appropriate types of listening for specific situations and environments 

*Emphasis on best practices for responding to an organization’s varied workforce will be discussed

*A discussion of what constitutes positive communication skills and how to continually enhance them

*Identify and strategies to repair ineffectual patterns of communication 

*Highlight the the Power of Pause 


*Communication, including types of listening, the listening process, communication behaviors to enhance and those to improve

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