Digital Readiness & Talent Development and Finding the Right KPIs for Your Business

  • Wednesday, September 16, 2020

    11:00am – 12:45pm
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    Business Management and Organization

This is an AICPA Corporate Finance and Controllers Conference session rebroadcast. This two-part webcast will begin with Part 1: Digital Readiness & Talent Development. In this session presented by Chris Argent, CEO of Generation CFO, get insight into how finance leaders and their teams can benefit from a new set of skills and digital talent to advance the digital transformation of their accounting and finance functions. After a brief intermission, the webcast will continue with Part 2: Finding the Right KPIs for Your Business. This session presented by Danielle Cheek and Matthew Goldston, Directors of PKF Texas will cover various options on how to design KPIs for your organization and understand the unintended consequences of various KPIs.


Identify how to start Digital Finance Empowerment projects in your company.

Recognize how to set tailored strategy, people and process transformation projects in accounting and finance.

Recognize the importance of leadership oversight and assure when implementing digital ways of working and new technology

Identify design paradigms for KPIs

Determine options for tracking KPIs

Identify wrong behavior that may be accidentally incentivized


Starting a Digital Finance Empowerment project on your company

Digitalizing accounting and finance through strategy, people and process transformation

KPI as a communication tool to management

How to design your KPIs

Data Analytics and Visualizations for KPIs

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 CGMAs  CFOs  Controllers  Finance Leaders


American Institute of CPAs


2.00 Business Management and Organization


Experience with talent development and designing KPIs for an organization.

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