CGMA Strategic Management Accounting

  • Thursday, August 15, 2019 – Thursday, April 30, 2020

  • 53.5
    Auditing, Business Management and Organization, Finance

Starting with an enterprise view from the top, this CPE course guides you on a path from the development of an organizational strategy to the challenges of implementation. Along the way, numerous examples illuminate the insights required for a competitive corporate financial strategy. The course concludes by considering the major risk factors involved when implementing, monitoring, or adjusting strategy to guide the enterprise in achieving its objectives.


? Evaluate the process, tool, and techniques of strategy formulation and implementation ? Evaluate the influence of key external factors on organizational strategy ? Evaluate the information systems requirements for successful strategic implementation ? Identify the important elements, tools, and methods in the change process ? Recommend change leadership process in support of strategy implementation ? Evaluate strategic financial management policy decisions ? Evaluate the value of entities and the opportunities for acquisition, merger, and divestment ? Evaluate the types of risk facing an organization and recommend appropriate responses (strategic, operational, financial, ethical) ? Evaluate risk management strategies and internal controls ? Evaluate the tools and processes required for strategy implementation ? Evaluate the control systems for organizational activities and resources ? Evaluate the risks associated with corporate governance ? Evaluate the risks arising from changes in the environment for capital investment appraisal


? The processes of strategic analysis and strategy generation ? The influence and impact of the external environment on strategy ? Value chains and product portfolio management ? Information systems and their impact on strategy ? Key considerations in and impacts of organizational change ? Ratios to assess profitability, financial performance, financial position and financial adaptability ? The strategic impact of changes in capital structure ? Sustainability and integrated reporting ? The development of financial strategy, including methods of debt and equity financing, M&A and divestments ? Pricing structures and the bidding process ? Organizational risk and mitigation strategies ? Strategic, operational, and financial risks that arise from international operations ? Financial risk and mitigation strategies ? Risks of unethical behavior and poor governance structures

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CGMA exam candidates Those seeking to convey accounting skills into expanded roles of strategic influence and business decision making


American Institute of CPAs


53.50 Auditing

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