IRS Disputes: Identifying Options fo Your Client

  • Thursday, August 15, 2019 – Thursday, April 30, 2020

  • 6.5

Want to help your client save money and avoid potential trouble with the IRS?

Updated for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, this self-study course explains what may trigger an IRS audit, how to negotiate, settle on appeal, qualify for an IRS collection program and evaluate your client's best options for dealing with the IRS.

You will also learn about IRS audit techniques, including how to handle requests and appeal rights, so you can represent your clients with confidence.


? Evaluate IRS audit trends and the audit selection process.
? Determine when IRS requests could be challenged.
? Identify the timing, scope, and location of various IRS audits.
? Understand IRS audit techniques and inquiries and appeal rights.
? Manage the information document request process and evaluate the contents of a revenue agent report (RAR).


? The assessment process
? Audit selection, examination, and the appeals process
? Installment agreements
? Offers in Compromise
? Advising delinquent taxpayers
? The IRS collection process for tax liens, levy, seizure, and sale
? Bankruptcy options and the effect on tax liabilities
? Payroll tax issues and the trust fund recovery penalty
? Practice before the IRS
Business taxation
Tax liens levy seizure

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Intermediate/experienced CPAs, enrolled agents, and attorneys


American Institute of CPAs


6.50 Taxes

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