Tax Planning for Small Businesses

  • Thursday, August 15, 2019 – Thursday, April 30, 2020

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What tax planning strategies will you provide for your corporate and small business clients?

This self-study course explores state-of-the-art planning ideas and tax-saving strategies to keep more of your clients' money in their pockets.

Updated for Tax Reform, this course answers the tough questions and show you what strategies are best for your clients as a result of the most recent tax legislation.


? Identify important tax considerations for the small business at each stage of its life
? Differentiate entity type options available for small businesses
? Choose a tax-saving retirement plan that best suits a small business
? Select an appropriate strategy for compliance with the Affordable Care Act employer provisions
? Select the appropriate taxes to withhold when hiring family members
? Compare IRS concerns regarding reasonable compensation for an S corporation owner versus a C corporation owner
? Differentiate the various ways in which LLC owners may be subject to self-employment taxes
? Analyze educational assistance provided to employees to determine whether it qualifies as a working condition fringe benefit
? Identify the characteristics that establish economic substance for a loan transaction between a business and its owner
? Choose the correct tax treatment for a covenant not to compete that is entered into in connection with the acquisition of a business interest
? Apply tax knowledge to help create an efficient and effective estate plan for a client
? Analyze a client's need for a buy-sell agreement
? Determine the tax consequences of divorce-related transfers of business interests


The tax life of a business
Retirement plans
Owner compensation
Transactions with owners
Tangible property-Depreciation and accelerated write-off methods
Recent developments
Proposed regulations

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