Key Ratio Analysis

  • Tuesday, June 25, 2019

    11:30am – 7:00pm
    (Registration: 11:00am)
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CPAs, CFOs, controllers, bankers, financial analysts, credit underwriters and other financial professionals use financial ratios, but do not leverage them for maximum effectiveness. Learn how in this course.

Understand a five-step key financial ratio analysis model—liquidity, activity, leverage, operating performance and cash flow analysis—that will help clarify and unify this often confusing subject.

Additionally, consider the lendable real estate equity model, industry comparisons, software applications, and the Z-score bankruptcy and sustainable growth models. Review case studies that illustrate key concepts and apply the models outlined in this course.


  • Determine the five-step key ratio analysis model.
  • Identify in-depth cash flow analysis applications.
  • Recognize how to calculate the lendable real estate equity model.
  • Choose industry comparisons and software applications.
  • Identify the Z-score bankruptcy prediction and sustainable growth models.


  • The five-step key financial ratio analysis model and illustrative case studies.
  • Cash flow applications, including traditional EBITDA, personal, global or combined, fixed charge coverage, free cash flow, cash basis, and real estate.
  • Lendable real estate equity model.
  • Key ratio software applications.
  • Z-score (bankruptcy prediction) and sustainable growth models.

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CPAs, CFOs, controllers, financial professionals, auditors and tax practitioners.



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Please bring a calculator or laptop (with Excel).


A background in financial statement analysis.

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