Ethics in Action: Protect and Defend

  • Monday, March 30, 2020

    9:00am – 12:39pm
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    Behavioral Ethics (not DE Ethics)

In the 1976 Academy Award-winning best picture, "Network", Peter Finch played a news anchor who was so upset with world events that he delivers a TV speech with the famous line “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

More than four decades later, when we learn of foolish business decisions leading to a crisis, we probably feel the same way.

Today we see case after case of short-term profits emphasized over long-term sustainability.  This session explains how financial professionals can help protect and defend our organizations and clients from self-inflicted disasters.


  • Learn how financial professionals can protect and defend our organizations and clients from self-inflicted disasters


  • A history of corporate misdeeds

           1.  The problem of "short-termism" and the need for "patient capital"

           2.  The problem of over-reliance on government solutions  

           3.  How we can restore trust in business and protect the integrity of our profession   

  • Three lines of defense

           1.  Financial Managers

           2.  Internal Auditors

           3.  External Auditors  

  • Stewardship’s attributes and what accounting professionals can do to create corporations that are more responsible to ALL their stakeholders

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4.00 Behavioral Ethics (not Delaware Ethics)


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