Closely-Held Business Forum

  • Thursday, May 16, 2019

    8:30am – 5:00pm
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    Business Law, Business Management and Organization, Personnel/Human Resources, Specialized Knowledge, Taxes

What’s on the minds of practitioners and closely-held business clients? Here’s a peek at what to expect:


When it Comes to the Workplace, ‘Insure’ Coverage
Without proper staffing coverage, work won’t be done. Without certain insurance coverages in place, organizations open themselves up to all kinds of risk which could have the same results. For example, management liability insurance helps to protect businesses, their executives, directors and officers from allegations of wrongful acts, which includes, but is not limited to, discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment. Identify the differences between stand-alone and packaged policies, as well as types of coverage.
Richard C. Nash, CPA, LIC, CIC, AAI, AIS – Vice President – Account Director, Business Insurance, Marsh & McLennan Agency, Livonia


Tax Reform and Closely-Held Businesses
For closely-held businesses, tax reform issues can seem especially complex. Download the most recent updates on regulations for small businesses, as well as the global intangible low-taxed income and the foreign-derived intangible income provisions and recap this year’s filing season to prepare for next year.
Ryan W. Bryker, CPA – Principal, Rehmann, Grand Rapids
Anthony J. Licavoli, Jr., CPA – Tax Senior Manager, Rehmann, Grand Rapids


International Information Returns: Ignorance Leads to Penalties
When it comes to international information returns, what you don’t know could be hurting your clients, and you! We review Forms 8938, 5471, 8865, 3520, 3520-A, and 926; who must file the forms; when the forms were first required; the annual filing deadlines for the forms; the (substantial) penalties for failure to file the forms; means of relief from the penalties and the statute of limitations on assessment of the penalties. Join this informative session as we examine the contents of Forms 5471 and 8865.
Stephen J. Dunn, CPA – International Tax Attorney, Dunn Counsel PLC, Troy
Nicholas Farr, CPA – Staff Accountant, Kroon & Mitchell Certified Public Accountants, LLC, Grand Rapids


Troubleshooting Multi-State Nexus Post-Wayfair
What does filing on the internet look like post-Wayfair? As family businesses are shutting down webstores to avoid tax compliance software fees, explore how multi-state tax nexus issues are affecting internet business, and how your company can remain compliant.
Presented by a representative from Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC


Building Your Talent Pipeline: 10 Practical Tools
With a record number of unfilled positions in the U.S., data and trends suggest this situation will degrade during the next 10 years, leaving companies in a struggle to operate efficiently and grow. Explore current job market trends and statistics, identify how to win the war for talent, and gain the 10 practical tools companies should use to build their own internal and external talent pipelines.
Jim Bitterle, BBA, MBA – Managing Partner, EDSI Consulting, Dearborn 


Preserving the Family Legacy Through Estate Planning
What are the best practices for preserving family businesses? Delve into the psychology of succession and what considerations come into play when estate planning for family-owned businesses.
George H. Runstadler III, JD, LLM – Shareholder, Berry Moorman, Birmingham


Before the Pen Hits Paper: Non-Competes
Do your non-compete contracts require additional considerations? In an increasingly competitive market, agreements not-to-compete are more common than ever before. As Michigan non-competes are only considered enforceable when reasonable, find out what makes these agreements valid and what actions you should take before pen hits paper.

John C. Cashen, JD – Member, Bodman PLC, Troy



  • Tax reform and the closely-held business
  • When there isn’t a safe harbor: trouble shooting multi-state nexus for the family business
  • Building your talent pipeline in today’s competitive market


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