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  • Monday, July 15, 2019

    12:00pm – 2:00pm
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    Information Technology

Technology is changing at an incredible pace and new apps, services, and tools constantly emerge. These tools can have an incredible impact on our business and personal lives. This session identifies some of the latest tools, apps and services available and why you should consider utilizing them. The main topics of this session include the best useful products for business, major business productivity platforms, tools for automation, plugins for your Internet browser, today’s best mobile Apps, how to utilize virtual staff, and more. Attend this session and you will receive a bundle of new technology ideas to consider implementing.


*Identify which emerging technologies that will impact you in the coming year and learn how to incorporate the new developments into your existing workflows

*Implement fantastic new apps, web-based resources, and services to gain efficiency in your personal life and organization

*Recognize how to keep your Internet browsing experience secure, anonymous, and ad-free using tools such as Ad Block Plus and Ghostery

*Identify opportunities for automation using artificial intelligence and process automation tools such as IFTTT Exchange confidential and sensitive information with others, both inside and outside your organization

*Identify how to acquire virtual staff and to use them to their maximum potential

*Keep your computer's software up to date using Ninite and learn how to remove unwanted software using Revo uninstaller 


*Information Technology

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