Bribery and Corruption: It CAN Happen in Your Organization

  • Thursday, September 12, 2019

    5:00pm – 7:00pm
  • 2
    Auditing (Governmental), Accounting (Governmental)

If your organization buys things, you are at risk of being victim to a wide variety of bribery and corruption schemes.  If your organization sells good or services, you might be engaged in such schemes and not realize it.  This session will explain what these fraud schemes are, examine three recent case studies, list the red flags associated with these schemes, and identify key safeguards to have in place to prevent or detect such schemes.


* Understand the various types of correction and bribery schemes that can take place in any organization

* Understand why most organizations are at risk of becoming a victim of bribery & corruption schemes

* Study three recent, real-world cases of bribery and corruption

* Understand the many red flags that might indicate that a bribery or corruption scheme is happening

* Understand the several important safeguards that every organization should have in place to minimize the risks of bribery and corruption


* Bribery

* Corruption

* Public corruption

* Kickbacks

* Bid rigging

* Economic extortion

* Conflicts of interest

* ACFE Fraud Classifications

* Red flags

* Safeguards

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Internal and external auditors at all levels; Accounting and accountability personnel at all levels; Risk and compliance management personnel at all levels



Advanced Preparation



1.00 Auditing/Yellow Book

1.00 Accounting/YB



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