4 Simple Steps to Solving the Toughest Problems You Face as a CPA

  • Saturday, May 4, 2019

    4:00pm – 5:30pm
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    Behavioral Ethics (not DE Ethics)

This is a refreshingly different take on how to solve the problems you face as a CPA. You’ll learn four simple steps you can use to arrive at the best solution to every problem that comes your way. You’ll also learn how to overcome the most common challenges that prevent you from making the right decisions. Best of all, you can apply this 4-step strategy in every professional and personal relationship you have. This may be the single most valuable webinar you will take this year. 


*Identify four simple steps to solving your toughest problems

*List some of the most common challenges to making the right decisions

*Discuss successful strategies for overcoming these challenges  






*Decision making

*Sexual harassment

*Firing an Employee

*Discussing Politics

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Designed For

CPAs and anyone else who wants to learn how to solve problems and be a more effective leader in sales and getting more clients



Advanced Preparation



It will be helpful (but not necessary) to have read the instructor's book, "What Should I Do?: 4 Simple Steps to Making Better Decisions in Everyday Life"

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Behavioral Ethics (not DE Ethics)

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