Microsoft PowerBI-Fundamentals of the PowerBI Dashboards

  • Wednesday, August 14, 2019

    12:00pm – 4:00pm
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    Computer Software and Applications

What good is data analysis if you can't share it? Microsoft's cloud-based platform on PowerBI.com allows you to share your data and create meaningful dashboards. This webcast introduces you to the interface and explores its differences from PowerBI Desktop. You will learn how you can share data from Power Pivot or PowerBI Desktop to PowerBI.com. This sharing process ensures that everyone who views your data is looking at the same thing, regardless of their toolset. PowerBI.com also provides you with the ability to create and share dashboards, so we will cover how to create visualizations that can be turned into customizable dashboards.


When you complete this webcast, you will be able to:

 Understand the PowerBI.com interface.

 Connect data to PowerBI.com.

 Create interactive visualizations and dashboards.

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All accounting professionals


American Institute of CPAs


4.00 Computer Science


Excel or power BI desktop knowledge

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