Tax Research I

This webcast is designed to provide you a working knowledge of the methodology of implementation-based tax research. To keep you current on new trends, we will explore the latest developments in online research. We will discuss how to:  Ask the right questions.  Organize the facts.  Locate and assess pertinent authority.  Clearly communicate research findings.


- Recall the methodology of implementation-based tax research.

- Identify and Analyze the pertinent facts and applicable laws to determine a tax result.

- Recognize the hierarchy for sources of tax authority in researching a tax question.

- Recall how to execute efficient and meaningful research within tax online services.


Key Topics

- Online tax research methodology

- Authoritative tax hierarchy

- The power of professional language in business writing

- Book/tax adjustment documentation

- Tax return support documentation

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Tax professionals


American Institute of CPAs


4.00 Taxes

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