Excel Formula Building Overview

  • Tuesday, February 12, 2019

    9:30am – 5:00pm
    (Registration: 9:00am)
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    Computer Software and Applications

Learn to "program" in Excel using formulas and functions to unleash its full potential. Review the function library, formula conventions, best practices and time saving tips.

A great many Excel users do not realize how powerful and versatile formulas can be. Additionally, some are intimidated by formulas that do not behave as expected. In this session, step through all the basic and then more complex formula conventions. Then review the function library and discuss details on how they are best used. Finally, spend time reviewing some of the ways formulas can be helpful and time saving. Users who want to learn how to “program” Excel should take this session.


  • Understand basic formula conventions such as identifying a formula and order of operation.
  • Introduce functions from the Function Library.
  • List important concepts related to function use.
  • Show how to combine and nest multiple functions in a single formula.


  • Understanding formula conventions
  • Working with Functions
  • Some of the many uses of Excel formulass

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CPAs, accountants and financial professionals.



Advanced Preparation



An understanding of Excel formulas.

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Computer Software and Applications

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