CPEconomy Event for Industry

  • Tuesday, March 26, 2019

    8:25am – 4:30pm
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    Accounting, Behavioral Ethics (not DE Ethics), Business Law, Finance

CPEconomy returns with focused industry topics for the budget-minded CPA that get to the point. From updates on employment law and policies in the age of #MeToo to the ethical dilemmas of less-than-transparent business practices- we have you covered.

  • Troubleshooting the latest revenue recognition implementation issues.
  • Are you prepared to guide your organization away from losses due to business interruption?
  • Optimize your company’s retirement plan.

Featured Presentations:

Survivor: Business Interruption
Sometimes there is just no way to avoid what life throws at your organization whether broken pipes cause office water damage, a break in leads to property loss or another unforeseen circumstance. Are you prepared to consider key coverage areas from payroll to indemnity and competition in these cases? And, when resources and time are short, can you use what you know about the business to prioritize what needs to happen within the needed time and financial limits?
Chris Bolton – Commercial Insurance Agent, Brown & Brown of Detroit, Sterling Heights
Todd Piersol – President, Brown & Brown of Detroit, Sterling Heights


Dilemma at the Loading Dock – Bending and Blurring the Lines
When it comes to reaching fiscal goals and making budget, desperate managers or supervisors may justify bending the rules. What are your responsibilities if you witness less-than-transparent business practices? This case-study session dives into a real-life scenario of witnessing questionable actions at a shipping dock as colleagues try to sneak in sales before the deadline. Puts yourself in the position to ask, “What if this really does happen to me?
Raymond T. Rowe, CPA, JD – Attorney, Raymond T. Rowe PC, Troy


Compliance in Today’s Environment of Employment Law Hyper-Awareness
The past two years have brought employment law compliance to the media’s attention and the public’s perception as never before. Employers seeking to stay aware and compliant with ever-shifting regulations have a significant responsibility to institute policies and educate staff on everything from Michigan’s new Amended Paid Medical Leave Law to drug and marijuana issues arising in the workplace. Tie the hyper-awareness together with proactivity.
Clifford L. Hammond, JD – Shareholder, Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC, Lansing


Optimizing Your Retirement Plan
As fiduciaries, plan sponsors are tasked with acting for the sole benefit of plan participants, behaving in a prudent, objective manner and utilizing all available options to optimize the retirement plan offering. This type of awareness and general understanding helps to create retirement-ready participants thanks to the environment plan optimization provides. This session discusses this issue and provides actionable information which will be beneficial for all plan participants.
John Young – Vice President, Financial Advisor, CAPTRUST, Clarkston


A Tide of Change: An Adaptive Guide to Shifting Standards (Qualifies for Accounting & Auditing credit)
The ebb and flow of changes within accounting standards shifts the focus for accounting departments, regulators and firms. Review what will be the areas of interest for the coming year as we cover the FASB standards, implementation dates and case study experiences that bring standards applicable to 2018 and 2019 financial statements, revenue recognition disclosure guidelines, leases and new variable interest entities into perspective.
Duane M. Reyhl, CPA, CGMA – Audit and Accounting Partner, Andrews Hooper Pavlik PLC, Midland
Greg Soule, CPA, CISA, CISSP, CFE – Partner, Andrews Hooper Pavlik PLC, Auburn Hills


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Accounting, Behavioral Ethics (not DE Ethics), Business Law, Finance

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