Enterprise Risk Management for Small and Medium-sized Businesses: Current Perspectives

  • Tuesday, March 19, 2019

    9:00am – 1:00pm
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    Management Services

Risk!  It is the topic that keeps CFO’s and Controllers awake at night.  Are you aware of your firm’s current exposure to risk?  Are you prepared for the unexpected disaster, product failure, litigation or compliance set-back? 

As a CPA in industry your role is fundamentally simple: protect assets and facilitate communication of financial results.  Yet, in reality the job is much more demanding than that.  Being aware of the potential roadblocks, or risks, on the pathway to organizational success can help you prepare for the inevitable surprises along the way!  This course will present an overview of Enterprise Risk Management and discuss how to implement the process in a Small Business setting. 

Learn what ERM can do for you.  Discover the best approaches for making it a way of life in your firm.  ERM is the key that unlocks the door to improved controls, wiser governance and improved stature in the finance arena.  


*Learn a new concept of governance

*Discuss the importance and fundamentals of risk mangement

*Review the 2017 ERM Initiative results

*Discover how to apply these fundamentals in the SME environment

*Identify the benefits and challenges you will face during ERM implementation

*Gain the impetus to apply these concepts to your own organization


*Introduction and Making This Session Work

*A New Perspective on Corporate Governance

*The Importance and Fundamentals of Risk Management

*The Application of ERM Fundamentals in the SME Environment

*ERM Implementation Hints and Resources for Successful Implementation

*10 action items for you to take today as you implement ERM in your company

*Final Thoughts and Participant Take-Aways

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CPAs in practice and Members in Industry



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Two to four years' experience in an operating business environment

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