Taking the Financial Executive's Leadership Skills to the Next Level

  • Saturday, January 12, 2019

    12:00pm – 2:00pm
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    Business Management and Organization

Financial Leaders often achieve their position primarily with left brain analytical skills.  They need to develop right brain thinking to evolve to the next level either professionally or as part of their personal growth plan.  This course will help the financial executive and professional focus on where they are currently and help them bridge the gap in leadership skills that will enable them to gravitate to the next level.  This course will guide the financial executive and professional to position themselves as leaders that others will trust and want to follow.  The financial executive and financial professional will walk away understanding a more holistic approach to people and organizations and a transformational leadership style.


* Learn about the evolution to business leader and right brain orientation

* Embrace the right brain orientation, finding power tapping into the six senses  of the "Conceptual Age"

* Gain insights on critical behavior that may be keeping you from being balanced and reaching your fullest potential professionally or personally

* Learn an emotional intelligence framework that positions you to be a socially intelligent leader

* Learn what a transformational leadership style looks like


*Professional/Technical to Business/Behavioral Leader Evolution

*From Agricultural to Conceptual Age Right Brain Orientation

*Emotional Intelligence Framework

*Behavioral Self-Awareness and Self-Management

*Socially Intelligent Leader/Social Awareness

*Transformational Leadership

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Financial and Accounting Executives and Financial and Accounting Professionals



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Business Management and Organization

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