Raising Financing: Established Businesses with Revenue over $10 Million

This session reviews proven methods to raise capital for established businesses with greater than ten million in revenue and discusses new methods to raise financing such as Crowdfunding.  What are the pros, cons, and sources for each type of financing?  What do banks require when you borrow?  What do equity investors look for when analyzing making an equity investment?  What are the fundraising techniques that small enterprises commonly use that established businesses can now use?  How do you present the request for capital to increase your chances for success?  If you assist with raising capital, this material is essential. 


*Review methods of raising financing for businesses with over $10 million in revenue


*The CFO’s mission

*Cash flow forecasting and capacity

*Capital needs, when needed, when will you  deploy it and  how much money will you need?

*Various types of financing 

*The sources for each type of financing

*Pros and cons of each type and source of financing

*When Crowdfunding is appropriate

*What you should show potential investors

*How to value your business

*Your capital plan

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Corporate financial managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who advise them, including; CFOs, Controllers, Corporate Financial Managers, Directors, Managers, and CPAs.



Advanced Preparation



Some corporate finance classwork or experience helpful

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