Leaders Eat Last: The Characteristics of Great Leaders

  • Monday, April 15, 2019

    11:00am – 1:00pm
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    Business Management and Organization

If a great leader is someone we are willing to sacrifice for – what do those leaders do that makes us want to do more? Many of us work in dysfunctional organizations that want followers, but have no leaders that lead. What makes a leader effective? True leaders sacrifice, they are trustworthy and they empathize. We discuss the steps to take so you can become a true leader: including, integrity, humility, communication, self-control and self-awareness. With diligence, you can become a better leader and we will discuss how.  


* Learn why great leaders put other's before themselves


*What does "Leaders Eat Last" mean

*Understand human nature and how we work together or not

*Leadership skills can be taught

*True leaders care

*The need for trust

*Practical lessons from gifted leaders

*Steps to become a better leader

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Corporate financial managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who advise them, including; CFOs, Controllers, Corporate Financial Managers, Directors, Managers, and CPAs.



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Some management experience helpful

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Business Management and Organization

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