Compilation and Review: Issues and Updates

  • Wednesday, May 23, 2018

    8:00am – 4:45pm
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    Accounting, Auditing

Learn about the new 2018 and 2017 preparation, compilation, and review professional standards, which represent many significant changes in authoritative professional standards like SSARS 21, 22, and 23. Engagement Letters, Reports, Disclosures, Documentation, and Ethical considerations from the newly Revised Code of Professional Conduct are explained, discussed, and examples are given for illustrations. Attest vs non-attest issues are dealt with including independence and 1.295.


*Provide the participants with a timely update on the new preparation, compilation and review standards in SSARS 21, SSARS 22, and SSARS 23 for 2018

*Also, provide a review of selected revised professional compilation and review standards that still apply from earlier years including the preparation of personal financial statements and using an other comprehensive basis of accounting (OCBOA)

*The impacts of the Revised Code of Professional Conduct on preparation, compilation, and review engagements are explored


*New compilation and review standards for 2018 and 2017, including SSARS 21, SSARS 22, and SSARS 23

*New engagement, reporting, and documentation issues about Preparation of Financial Statements, Compilations, and Reviews

*New issues in Preparation, Compilation, and Review engagement letters and review representation letters specified in SSARS 21,22, and 23 and earlier SSARSs 

*An advanced look at documentation standards will be reviewed for changes required by new preparation, compilation and review standards 

*Status of IASB and International Financial Reporting Standards status as applies to preparation, compilation and review engagements 

*Further updates that impact on compilation and review engagements that include:  new Quality Control Standards (SQCS8) and its requirements; status of “Mobility” issues combined with “Substantial Equivalency”; status of Peer Review and related regulatory problems and changes

*Ethics 1.295 will be explored for revisions and updates in attest/nonattest applications specifically dealing with preparation, compilation and review issues 

*Updates on OCBOA issues

*Any other matters deemed appropriate and timely

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Professionals in public practice, industry, government, and education who deal with nonpublic entities and need a course in preparation, compilation and review engagements and procedures.



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Accounting, Auditing

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