Blockchain Application

  • Friday, October 12, 2018

    11:00am – 4:30pm
  • 5.5
    Specialized Knowledge

This webcast will help you understand the current blockchain landscape. You will begin thinking about business applications and financial control considerations associated with blockchain use. We will discuss responsibilities, process and technical controls. The interactive exercises weaved throughout will help you translate this understanding into relevant business application and value.


  •  Identify major types of digital assets, besides cryptocurrency, that are enabled by blockchain technology.
  •  Identify major companies and products currently shaping the blockchain market.
  •  Distinguish between the features and use cases associated with many blockchain entities on the market.
  •  Recognize best practices for choosing a Blockchain provider.
  •  Describe Service Organization Controls (SOC) associated with Blockchain products and platforms.
  •  Distinguish appropriate responsibilities and controls for applying to Blockchain use cases.
  •  Identify the fundamental roles of the CPA when interacting with Blockchain technologies.
  •  Identify the ways blockchain technologies will potentially disrupt and transform the finance domain.
  •  Recognize technical controls associated with blockchain.
  •  Identify how to verify important process and control variables in blockchain use cases.
  •  Recall the fundamental mathematical concepts underpinning blockchain and their implications for verifying information.
  •  Describe the AICPA's stance regarding blockchain landscape.
  •  Describe the role of the CFO in a blockchain-enabled world.
  •  Recognize architecture and infrastructure concerns associate with blockchain usage.
  •  Recall specific examples of real-world blockchain usage and what they tell us about future trends.


  •  Current blockchain landscape
  •  Process and technical controls
  •  Big picture review
  •  Decision tree

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Non-IT finance professionals, CFOs, controllers, management accountants, public accountants, partners, staff, managers and internal auditors


American Institute of CPAs

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