The Changing Role of the Controller: Advancing from Tactical to Strategic

  • Friday, September 21, 2018

    9:00am – 12:59pm
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    Business Management and Organization

Are you ready to take your role as controller to the next level while adding significant value to the organization? A successful Controller will go beyond financial statements, internal controls and general accounting to create new value for the organization. We'll explore new additional roles that controllers are now accepting and outline a roadmap you can use to expand your role as a controller from simply internal process/transaction oriented to externally focused understanding of industry and macro trends.


When you complete this webcast,you will be able to:

 Differentiate between the value of the traditional controller and the business oriented controller.

 Apply the definition of controllership in your company by integrating controllership into the larger financial and organization leadership function.

 Distinguish the importance of the planning process and the Controllers respective role.

 Apply lean techniques to the accounting department and the organization.

 Determine how Servant Leadership increases the success of the controller.


Topics Discussed

 Leadership vs. Management

 Business and strategic planning processes

 Corporate culture

 Lean management techniques and processes

 Recruiting, retaining and developing employees

 Communications, listening and presentation skills

 Managing "up" and how to master it

 Business Strategy and the Controller

 The need for increased efficiency and the application of Lean techniques

 Application of best practices in the Accounting Department

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American Institute of CPAs


Experience in financial management of a medium or small company

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Business Management and Organization

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