E-mail Encryption and Electronic Data Transmission

  • Wednesday, December 20, 2017

    9:00am – 10:00am
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    Computer Science

How many times a day do we bundle a proposal or a communication to a client that contains sensitive data and subject it to exposure to the universe by sending it via an unencrypted email solution? Or how often do we sift through competitive bids received through email from vendors for sensitive projects? What about a personal email sent to an elderly parent, or their health care professional, expressing concern for her health? What information is sensitive to us and how do we keep it protected from exposure to interested parties?

This webinar provides an opportunity to explore the various alternatives to keep our communication safe and secure while not sacrificing the speed and convenience of electronic data transmission. This session identifies methods to secure email transmissions and also outline alternatives to email that contain automatic security.

This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions either during or after the event.


Understand data security issues related to sending documents via e-mail.


E-mail Encryption

  • There I was on the corner of walk and don't walk.dare I hit send
  • The importance of http://vs. HTTPS://
  • It is not just a clerical error in web design
  • Encrypting both ends of an email requires a collaborative effort

Electronic Data Transmission

  • What is Drop Box and how do I use it
  • What is an FTP site and how can I get one
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI

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