Creating Equity Compensation Plans

In today's business world, there is a war for talent and the organizations with the best talent will win. There is a clear need to motivate and compensate talented personnel. Equity compensation plans are useful to retain, reward and recruit. Whether the business is large or a small start-up, developing an effective equity compensation plan is a challenge. Virtually every company that implements an equity compensation plan changes it immediately afterwards because it did not function as intended, making the most valuable employees upset, and achieving the opposite of the intended results. This session will discuss the numerous plan considerations.

By planning and preparing in advance, you can create an effective equity compensation plan to help retain the key personnel who will lead your business to continued success.

This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions either during or after the event.


Learn how to help the Board and CEO create a mechanism to reward and recruit talented employees.


  • What is the plan's purpose?
  • What are the pros and cons of using equity compensation.
  • Who do you value equity shares in the plan.
  • What are the alternatives, triggers, administration, advisors, and financial disclosure requirements?
  • How do you communication and educate your people about the plan.

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