K2's Excel 2013/2016 - Best New Features for Accountants

  • Monday, December 11, 2017

    1:00pm – 3:00pm
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Excel 2013 was a watershed release with many outstanding new features - automated analysis with recommended PivotTables and charts, pure power analysis with the Power View and PowerPivot add-ins, and advanced workbook auditing with Inquire. But that's not all! Excel 2013 provides powerful and easy to use new features like Flash Fill, Timelines, Quick Explore drill down and around, Combo charts, and the ability to open workbooks in their own window without losing the ability to copy and paste between workbooks. Excel 2016 continues the trend with six new chart types, forecast sheets, and Power Query integration. Attend this webinar and learn how to put the power of Excel 2013/2016 to work immediately to improve your productivity.


Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify three types of automated analysis in Excel 2013/2016
  • Describe the new Excel Data Model and explain its impact on PivotTable analysis
  • Use combo charts for presenting financial data
  • Distinguish between an ordinary PivotTable and one built using PowerPivot


  • Automated analysis with Quick Analysis, Recommended Charts, and Recommended PivotTables
  • Quick and easy data filtering with Timelines and Slicers for tables
  • Split, combine, or rearrange data quickly and easily with Flash Fill
  • Better charting, including standalone PivotCharts
  • Drill down and around with Quick Explore
  • Powerful data analysis with PowerPivot and Inquire
  • Fast time series forecasting with Forecast Sheets
  • The Excel Data Model and table Relationships
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    Designed For

    Accounting and financial professionals who want to put the power of Excel 2013/2016 and its new features and functionality to use right away


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