Documentation Requirements, Design and Reviewing Techniques of Workpapers

  • Monday, December 11, 2017

    9:30am – 5:00pm
    (Registration: 9:00am)
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Engagements must stay compliant while CPAs continuously seek efficiencies. Pinpoint the SSARS/GAAS requirements (including SSARS 21) and how they impact liability risk; walk through two audit case studies identifying their real risks and learn to build a leaner and stronger workpaper to support your conclusions. Learn how to master best practices for team management and reviewing workpapers to help increase production. Additionally, learn how to improve knowledge of engagement documentation requirements to identify, document and evaluate the risks "front and center" to support conclusions with less documentation. As a bonus, receive a Productivity Hacks, Apps, Tips and Tricks section.


  • Identify authoritative pronouncements relating to engagement documentation, including the new SSARS 21.
  • Determine and outline key risk areas and how to more efficiently document them.
  • Identify how to effectively and efficiently review workpapers and establish best practices for team management.
  • Recognize productivity hacks, apps, tips and tricks.


  • Documentation relating to specific areas of fraud, use of estimate, related parties, legal contingencies and the ability of the entity to continue as a going concern.
  • Ownership, confidentiality and retention of working papers.
  • The effect of working papers on the CPA's legal liability
  • Types of working papers and their organization within the engagement documentation, including electronic paperless approaches and tips.
  • Common deficiencies in engagement documentation as noted in peer reviews.
  • Management process and approach to workpaper review.
  • Pronouncements relating to the content of working papers for review and audit engagements.

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CPAs who want to learn how to properly identify risk and design the most effective and efficient workpapers to address those key risks and support their conclusions.



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