Working Smarter, Not Harder: the New Science of Getting on Top of it All - Part 1

  • Tuesday, February 13, 2018

    8:00am – 12:00pm
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    Business Management and Organization, Personal Development

There is always too much to do and too l


•    Get the truly important work done which tends to be put off or never completed

•    Handle heavy workloads with greater ease, efficiency, and effort

•    Manage yourself and others to stay motivated, focused, and productive over a long period of time

•    Take more time to relax since you’ll finally be “on top of it all”


•    Why important things don’t get done on a timely basis, and what to do about it

•    Five ways to increase productivity that almost no one ever uses

•    The four proven ways to keep yourself and your staff motivated to consistently work at the highest level

•    How to avoid feeling stressed out—even though your “to do” list is endless

•    The three time management techniques that you’re not using that are critical to your success

•    How to know and avoid what is a poor use or waste of your time

•    How to set goals that excite you, and how to guarantee they actually get done

•    Three ways to elicit help from others that ensure their cooperation and help

•    The smart things to do with the extra time you’ll have when you’re on top of it all

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Business Management and Organization, Personal Development

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