Fraud Risk Assessments

This course is dedicated to reviewing leading edge concepts for conducting fraud risk assessments and scenario analysis.

The topic of fraud — whether it relates to awareness and prevention techniques, fraud auditing, recent fraud in corporate America, or the criminal mind — continue to be on the radar of investors, shareholders, and regulators. Yet execution of holistic fraud risk assessments can often be a very difficult task.

COSO 2013 places stronger emphasis on the need for strong evaluation and risk assessments for Fraud.  Auditors and Compliance professionals debate the proper form and depth needed for such assessments. Organizations will need to become more transparent with their fraud assessments and scenario analysis.  It is incumbent on individuals within the internal audit, compliance and legal field to ensure management accepts this role with the intent of full transparency.


*Explore methods to adequately comply with the organizations requirement to complete a holistic fraud risk assessment


*Identify the fraud dilemma.

*Discover how to assess risk considerations and where to start.

*Identify the preparation steps before initiating a fraud risk assessment.

*Discover how to perform a Macro Fraud Risk Assessment

*Recognize the elements of a Micro Fraud Risk Assessment

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Any accounting or financial professional or auditor wanting to understand more about fraud risk assessments



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