Tax Planning for Small Businesses

This webcast is part of the Tax Staff Essentials program. Solid tax planning strategies are essential for your corporate and small business clients. Join us as we explore state-of-the-art planning ideas and tax-saving strategies to keep more of your client's money in their pockets. We'll answer the tough questions and show you what strategies are best for your clients as a result of the most recent tax reform.


LEARNING OBJECTIVES When you complete this webcast you will be able to:

Solve the unique tax problems affecting small businesses.

Identify savings opportunities and pinpoint tax traps.

Substantially cut your small business clients' tax bills



 Business tax changes in recent legislation, court decisions, and IRS guidance

Impact of new 0.9% and 3.8% Medicare taxes on business owners

C corporation moves to avoid potentially higher individual tax rates

Managing Section 1231 losses and gains for optimal tax results

Perfect storm for loans from corporations to shareholders

Update on passive loss rules for LLC members

Minimizing SE tax for LLC members

Husband-wife businesses: tax-saving strategies

The 100% gain exclusion for qualified small business corporation stock

When to switch from C Corporation to S Corporation status (or not)

 Fringe benefit planning for partners and S corporation shareholderemployees

 Update on reasonable compensation for C and S corporation shareholder-employees

Advantages of including debt in corporate capital structures

Converting corporation into LLC or LLP: tax implications

 Ownership exit strategies including family corporations and divorce situations

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