Mastering Data Preparation and Analysis in Excel

  • Saturday, December 16, 2017

    10:00am – 12:00pm
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    Computer Software and Applications

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful programs available for CPAs. It includes many time-saving techniques that most CPAs never put into practice. In addition, Excel is the #1 data analysis tool for accountants. Yet many accountants have never learned the basics of data analysis using Excel or the tools that Excel offers to help with data analysis. Learn the logical progression of spreadsheet creation, including design concepts that EVERY CPA should incorporate into their spreadsheets. Then, we will discuss concepts to eliminate manual data entry and techniques to prepare your data for analysis. We will then show you the available tools in Excel that will take your data analysis to a new level. We will conclude with presenting the results of your calculations and analysis. If there is only ONE course lo take to jump start your Excel knowledge ... THIS course is it. Be prepared to take Excel to the next level.


After completing this class you will have the ability to:

 Use Excel more efficiently

Realize the importance of proper spreadsheet design

 Understand the power of using Excel for data analysis


We will be providing an overview of these important topics: Design

Defined Names

Excel Tables

Proofing Data Gathering

Connecting to Data Sources Data Preparation

Text, Lookup, Math Functions Data Analysis

Formatting (cell styles & conditional formatting)


Power Bl Tools Data Presentation

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Designed For

Excel users who want to be more efficient analyzing data in Excel


American Institute of CPAs


A good understanding of Excel

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Computer Software and Applications

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